Monthly Archives: July 2011


my beau loves venice beach, so i was super excited to find and show him artist, David Quadrini’s beachside home, located right on the venice beach strip.





these travel poster paintings by david klein are exotic and beautiful. just what i needed to see after reading, wanderlust: a love affair with 5 continents, a must read if you have ever dreamed of traveling the world.




ive been trying to convince my beau that once we move to california we should become graffiti artists and that he can hold the ladder and be my lookout while i tag walls and old buildings with designs i’ve yet to come up with. after browsing the portfolio of brazilian artist, nuria mora, i am completely sold on the idea!


i realize that i declare my love for different artists on a regular basis, but this guy mark warren jacques, has truly truly stolen my heart. although it seems like everyone (including myself) is making art with triangles and rainbows these days, jacques’ take on the subject is fresh. i am dying to order a few prints of his work but all of my favorites are sold out. horrible.


i am kind of obsessed with international artists and textile designer, Karen BarbĂ© doesn’t disappoint. Based in Santiago, Chile, BarbĂ© has such a fun style that I am tempted to go to the art store and spend the afternoon crosstiching myself.