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have i mentioned my obsession with globes & world maps? well if not, i definitely have one, and when i was these colorful creations by these are things, i instantly fell in love. they have a cute little story about how they were actually searching for a modern map to document their travels and when they couldnt find one they decided to just make one themselves (how clever us designers can be) and a year later it has become their specialty! i need one immediately! although I am having trouble deciding on a color 🙂


my to visit in los angeles list is getting longer and longer everyday. the newest addition to the list is this new Los Angeles based pastry shop Fruute, who found their match made in sweet tooth heaven when they hired Ferro Concrete to brand their mouth watering bakery concept.

“We are like fruit matchmakers.” they said when speaking about their philosophy, but they seem to have matched a lot more than fruit to create these unforgettable pieces of food art. yum!


German artist Martin Pfeifle’s art installations always relate to their environment, the exhibition space itself becomes his art piece while allowing viewers to move around it. During the last couple years, Martin has created some beautiful installations always playing with colors and geometric elements.

His latest ‘Rotemartha’ installation was installaed in the former imperial abbey of Aachen-Kornelimünster. It consists of a series of long tinted film strips in six different shades of red. The strips are tied together to create a supper long band that stretches throughout one entire floor of the abbey.

I would love to see this in person! The architecture of the room is beautiful itself, let alone being wrapped in hot pink!



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i will do a better post about aureta another day, (i am being lazy) but if you love fashion blogs as much as i do then her’s is a must see.