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can i spend my holiday here?

this looks exactly like what i need to get over my seasonal stuffy nose and sore throat. a weekend trip to the warm and wildly colorful Saguaro Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona! Apparently it is pretty new and was “inspired by the contemporary architecture of Mexico and the Arizona desert… designed around the color and light of the surrounding landscape.” sounds good to me!




i spent my thanksgiving holiday in atlanta and one of the things we did while there was visit the georgia aquarium. it was definitely and unforgettable experience. i felt like a little kid the entire time. some of the exhibits were typical of a zoo but i few were pretty mind blowing. i just kept thinking how crazy it is that nature created all of these amazing colors.


my to visit in los angeles list is getting longer and longer everyday. the newest addition to the list is this new Los Angeles based pastry shop Fruute, who found their match made in sweet tooth heaven when they hired Ferro Concrete to brand their mouth watering bakery concept.

“We are like fruit matchmakers.” they said when speaking about their philosophy, but they seem to have matched a lot more than fruit to create these unforgettable pieces of food art. yum!


the La Purificadora hotel in Puebla, Mexico is definitely now on my to visit list.


labor day weekend in asheville, nc. my dad had great plans to go hiking but mother nature had other ideas seeing as it has been raining pretty much nonstop since we arrived. nonetheless we have had a great time so far driving up the blue ridge mountain parkway and hanging out at the laaff festival downtown. let the adventures continue. enjoy!


my pinterest has been making me immensely happy lately, creating these crazy image combos all by itself, catching my eye and giving me all sorts of inspiration.


gorgeous italian tile from elle decor italia july-august 2011